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HENRY (Owner/Operator, Guide)

Henry, Owner/Operator, Guide

Henry grew up in the small village of Kilgoris, belonging to the Maasai tribe – the people who have remained true custodians to Kenya’s wildlife. Henry had a fascination with Kenya’s wild areas from a young age. During his rural childhood, he rarely spent time indoors, preferring to remain outside in the fields and exploring the bush with his father. These experiences fostered in Henry a lifelong passion for wildlife and conservation.

Henry was determined to pursue safari guiding as his vocation and began his training as the camp mechanic at Mara Intrepids. It was here in 1984 that Henry began his career working one on one as guide and assistant to a world renowned cheetah expert on a project that spanned over three years. This began his career working in driving/tracking but his real interest was in the wilds of the bush and he soon moved into the position of safari guide which he obtained his education from Kenya Utalii College.

Henry has worked in the tourism industry for over three decades and is passionate about his Maasai culture, about wildlife and about the experiences of his guests. Henry is extremely intuned to his surroundings, whether that is being able (literally) to smell a lion in the tall grasses a mile away or being able to understand that his guest has a need before it’s ever even mentioned aloud. This gives his guests a unique and rich experience in which they are attended to exceptionally well in terms of their comfort, their viewing requests, and their overall safari experience. This superior combination of vast bush knowledge, friendly hosting, and special interests in sharing his Maasai culture make Henry someone who was consistently requested for private safaris when he worked as a guide for other companies.

Henry is a well-respected chief and elder in his community and as such has deep connections all over Maasailand and Kenya. It is Henry’s unique relationships and interconnectedness to the land, to the wildlife and to the people that make a safari experience with him so unique and special. Everywhere you go, he has insider knowledge of what’s happening and can make critical and informed choices to make your safari the best experience possible. It is this vast wealth of experience, and his heartfelt interest in sharing this with his guests, that Henry brings to your safari experience.

Henry is also trained in first aid response and has had special training on anti-terrorism.


Joshua, Safari Guide.

Joshua is Maasai by tribe and is now qualified as a bronze level guide with the Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association.

Joshua is currently studying for his Silver level exam. Joshua’s upbringing gives him deep insight into the Maasai tribe, which he delights in sharing with clients on safari.

His knowledge and familiarity with wildlife throughout Kenya and particularly in the Mara makes him an extremely accomplished safari guide.

CHRISTINE (Photography/Creative guide, Conservation enthusiast)

Christine, Independent contractor via Sunlight Inspirations, Photography/Creative guide, Conservation enthusiast

Christine, an independent contractor via Sunlight Inspirations,  grew up raising and caring for animals from the time she was 8 months old. Art, anthropology, history, travel and cultural education were also a part of Christine’s unique upbringing, as was assisting on Marine Conservation projects, learning photography and darkroom techniques from before she began schooling, and then pursuing an education in Fine Arts (B.A.) and Art Therapy (M.A.).

Christine has a passion for wildlife, travel, conservation, education, photography, art and most enthusiastically — inspiring people to have authentic and meaningful relationships and interactions with the world, creatures, people and environment that surrounds them. These have been a constant thread throughout her life and permeate all that she does and interacts with.

Through her custom pet, nature and wildlife images at Sunlight Inspirations, Christine is constantly seeking to capture once in a lifetime moments and with them create timeless imagery and fine art pieces. She also seeks to bring people and animals more closely together, to enhance and deepen the inherent closeness that each share with one another.  Christine is an award-winning and published photographer. Her work has been recognized and published multiple times in the North American Nature Photographer’s Magazine, Expressions, and has been awarded and published in Nature’s Best magazine.

Christine hopes to bring these passions to your experience with Lion’s Heart Adventures & Safaris, to enhance your creative vision and help you deepen and explore your photographic experience and enhance your artistic skills and to share her enthusiasm for the peoples and wildlife you will encounter.

Christine is also trained in first aid, CPR, and Swift water rescue.

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